The man from nowhere

The Washiba Sands - a soft sand desert in north east Oman. (p. 5)

A family (a man, his wife and their son) were traveling by plane during their long vacation. Their destination was Tehran, but the weather in Tehran was terrible then. Therefore, they decided to change their plan and started to go to Paris. Unfortunately, on the way to Paris, a bird strike happened. The airplane struck〔 hit〕lots of birds. As a result, they crashed into a land. They were all alive, but there were no food, no villages, no wood, no people, so he made a decision to go to the coast to call for help and find someone who could help them. He kept walking without consciousness, and then he collapsed. However, a boy in a village noticed him lying on the sand, and fortunately he was helped by some villagers.
He was taken by a helicopter to a hospital in the capital city. He

Apollo's Gold

It began with a visit to the doctor. (p. 5)

The main character, Liz is an English archaeologist, 27 years old, works in Athens. However, she is so busy working and studying, so she almost gets ill. A doctor advises her to take a holiday off, but she doesn't want to. Eventually, she decides to take some days off because her teacher on Greek pots tells her to do so. He says to her, "You need to go away. Go to an island. The islands are s beautiful in April. Lots of flowers and no tourists. You can stay in my house on Sifnos.", and then she decides to stay there to have a rest. However, that's the beginning of her terrible incident. If you get interested in this story, read it.

Antoinette, Moses. (2015). Apollo's Gold. Cambridge: United Kingdom.


Dead Cold

In January they found the girl's body.

The main character, Flick is an able police officer in Denver, America.
One day in January, the body of a 23 year-old girl, Janine is found. She was murdered by someone at the hotel. Flick is trying to find out the truth of the case. In the past, she lost his colleague, Scott who was killed by one of Denver's criminals, and also he was the best friend of Flick. Therefore, when it comes to murder, Flick cannot stop thinking about Scott. She starts to ask some questions to the dead girl's friends who were stayed at the hotel with her. According to them, Janine used to write in her notebook everyday. He thinks it may give a hint about the murder, but it is nowhere. At this point, I thought the murderer took it away. However, he gets a amazing piece of information from one of the waiters who work at the hotel. If you want to know the rest of this story, read this book.

Sue, Leather. (2006). Dead Cold. Cambridge: United Kingdom.


One Day

'Jason! Did you hear me? Are you still working?' Jason's mum heard nothing from his room. (p. 7)
 In this book, there are 4 stories about each 4 family living in Moreland Road. I will pick up on one of the stories. The principle character is called Jason, whose mother lives with him but father left their house 12 years ago. One day, he was looking at some old photos while listening music before going to a reggae band with his girlfriend, Maria, and then his mother came into his room to ask him whether he did homework or not. When he looked at the photo of his birthday party which was held before his father ran away from home, both of them were reminded of his father, Simon. Neither of Jason and his mother didn't hear from him for 12 years. However, last week, there was a phone call from Simon, and he seemed to want to meet her and Jason, but she said to Simon 'No'. Actually, Jason was going to an art school next autumn, and Maria was fine about that, but his mother was not. After he went round to Maria's, there was a call from Maria, and she answered it. However, her voice was a bit strange, which made Jason's mother hope nothing was wrong. After that, Maria saw Jason, but she told him a surprising fact. The fact will make you astonished greatly.

Helen, Naylor. (2008). One Day. Cambridge: United Kingdom.


BR 2-14: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret


"Harry Potter!" said the creature in a high-pitched voice Harry was sure would carry down the stairs. "So long has Doccy wanted to meet you, sir. . . Such an honor it is. . . ."  (p. 12)

 Harry was not able to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because Mr. Dudley trapped Harry in Dudley's house and did not let Harry go to the school. Yet, with the help of Ron and his twin brothers, he managed to get out. After that, Harry and Ron had found a way out of some difficulties and arrived at Hogwarts by magic car, but they didin't know a lot of strange things were about to happen over and over. If I told the whole story, I would have to write a lengthy passage, so if you want to read this book, I will recommend!

 It took a long time for me to finish reading this one. I made good use of the winter holidays and some free time of mine to do that. Actually, I have watched the movie based on this story about 3 times, so understanding the outline was not so difficult. By the time I graduate from university, I would like to watch the movies of Harry Potter series in English, and read these books of course in English too.

Rowling, J. K. (2000). Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter: New York.

BR 2-13: Annie's Perfect Pet


Henry and Henry's big dog Mudge always visited Cousin Annie next door. (p. 5)

 When I was a child, I used to want to have a pet like Annie. Her friend, Henry had a dog Mudge, so she wished she had a pet, but her father was at work every day and no one would be home to take care of a pet. And then, Henry felt sorry for Annie. He began to think about what kind of pet she would be able to have by herself. He went to his parents for help. And his mother came up with a suitable pet for Annie. It was ...  If you get interested in this book, let's read!

 As I said above, I wanted to have a pet, but my mother is allergic to some animals, so I gave up having a pet. However, when I picked up a stray cat and brought it home, my mother allowed having the cat, and somehow, surprisingly, the all of her symptoms of allergy to cats have disappear. As a result, at my parent's home, there are four cats now.

Story by Rylant, Cynthia. Pictures byStevenson, Sucie. (2000). Henry and Mudge and Annie's Perfect Pet. New York: Ready to Read.


BR 2-12: Jack and the Westbourne Fair

Jack's week started badly. (p. 11)
 Some high school students are in a rebellious phase as I used to be. The main character, Jack is going through a rebellious phase, and then he doesn't do his homework, listen to his teachers, or follow school regulations. Furthermore, he stole two cans of spray paint and sprayed a picture with them in the wall at school. In the end, he was scoled by the headmaster. Like this, he had been a bad student. However, something has made him reformed. What's the "something"?

 When I was a high school student, I used to skip classes and my club activities, ditch school once in a while. Actually, I have sympathized with him to some degree, but now, I realize the importance of studying, so I do not do such a thing from now on.

Hobbs, Martyn. (2009). Jack and the Westbourne Fair. São Paulo: Helbling Readers Fiction.